Saturday, 6 June 2015

Procrastination, Pinterest and Pastels

It's a Friday night and most teens my age are out with friends, partying.

I have three exams this week; one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. *cries*

Any time I take a break from revision, or in other words, if I just feel like procrastinating for a little bit longer, I usually find myself endlessly browsing Asos or scrolling through Pinterest - my latest obsession. 

I've noticed a bit of a trend with all of the clothes I've been adding to my basket (only to exit out of it and not buy anything - I'm not the only one, am I??) and the stuff I've been pinning on Pinterest. 

There's a lot of pastels. 

Pastel colours are so gorgeous, especially in spring/summer. They're soft, girly and cute! Looking at pastel colours makes feel relaxed as well, for some reason, which is helpful during exam time. I may even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to all things pastel...

Comment your blog name so I can read a few after my exams :-)

Sarah-Michelle x 


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