Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Summer Lovin' #2: BB Cream

It’s June and summer has officially started! Hello sun!

Oh wait. *looks outside* Never mind. 

Nevertheless, it is technically summer and this week in my Summer Lovin’ series I’m writing about BB cream!

BB creams are an essential for me in summer as they’re not as heavy as foundation. I hate wearing thick foundation in the summer, especially when it’s warm. And you have to wear a primer underneath and constantly powder to ensure it remains on your face and doesn’t disappear after half an hour in the heat - too many layers. Also, a lot of foundations don’t contain SPF which is necessary during the summer months (and, in fact, all year round).

This BB cream from Rimmel London is ideal for the summer. It’s lightweight, it contains SPF 25, and it moisturises. Perfect!

rimmel london bb cream

There definitely aren’t as many shades of BB cream as there are foundation, but this BB cream is available in 3 shades from Boots: very light, light and medium. I love how this BB cream comes in the shade very light because sometimes light just isn’t light enough for my pale complexion. 

What BB cream do you love to use during the summer?


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