Monday, 15 June 2015

What I'm Currently Watching

My exams are completely finished and it's now officially summer for me! That means two and a half months of binge watching TV shows. Here's what I'm currently watching...

Gossip Girl
If you read my May favourites (which you can find here) you will know that I've been watching and loving Gossip Girl. I've watched the first series and I'm now onto the second, and I love everything about it. Well, everything except Georgina (ugh).


I started watching this after my friends recommended it and after seeing endless amounts of gifs on tumblr. I'm only about half way through the first series, but I love it already! Every single episode keeps me on edge the whole way through. Dean's sass is also pretty great.

Pretty Little Liars
I'm on series two of PLL and it's soo good! I'm so glad it's on Netflix now because I've been wanting to watch it for ages. I'm definitely going to be marathoning this soon because I can't wait to find out who A is. No spoilers please.

The 100

The 100 is filled with drama from the very start, much like most of the TV shows I'm watching at the moment. I love how it's set in a post-apocalyptic world and has a sci-fi feel to it, although it still has the typical romantic story line which I have to admit I like in a show. It drew me in from the very start and I need to watch series two now!

The Vampire Diaries

I used to watch TVD religiously but then, for some reason, I stopped half way through season 4. However, I've started watching it again and want to finish watching the last few seasons. The story lines are always really interesting and I love me some of the Salvatore brothers. Who doesn't?

What have you been watching recently?


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