Thursday, 9 July 2015

A 'Haul' lotta stuff!

I've been on quite a few little shopping trips recently and it's safe to say I'm probably broke now! I didn't think I had bought quite as much stuff (or spent as much money) in the past few weeks but I decided to share what I bought with you all in my first ever haul post. You may want to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit because this will probably - definitely - be quite a long post...

A couple of weeks ago I went to primark and picked up two pairs of these printed pom pom shorts - just in the nick of time too as, oh my word, it has been hot! There were lots of different patterns available to choose from, but these were the two that I liked best and thought I would get the most wear out of (and boy have I been getting the wear out of them this past week!). These were only £3 each which was such a bargain!

Also in Primark, I found these pyjamas. I have never related so much to a pair of pyjamas before - well except maybe my 'I am not a morning person' ones! There were so many cute pyjamas in Primark, but I knew I had to get these as soon as I saw the 'Eat, Sleep, Tweet, Repeat' top hanging on the rail. I love the cuffed pyjama bottoms because I hate it when they rise up my legs when I'm in bed. Does this annoy anyone else? My lovely mum bought me the other 'Tweet Me' top while we were on a different shopping trip. The 'Tweet me' top was £4, the other was £3 and the bottoms were £5.

Next I went to New Look where I bought these black Chelsea boots. I know, it's entirely the wrong season for boots but I can never find a nice pair of black chelsea boots whenever I'm looking for them, so I snatched these up before I missed the opportunity. These were £19.99 and they were a heck of a lot cheaper than others I had been looking at online!

As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, my cousin got married recently, so I was in search of an outfit. After months of looking online I finally found this Lipsy dress on Asos. I love the coral colour of the dress and the white pattern on the front. Originally, the dress was £40 but there was 20% off on the app so I only payed £32!

Of course I had to get a bag to keep my money, phone and a few bits of makeup in. I found this white clutch with a gold trim (at the last minute) in New Look for £9.99. It holds quite a lot of stuff and it went really well with my dress.

I wanted to pick up a wee notebook to write all of my blog post ideas in, so I went into Easons. There I found this cute little  notebook with L'Arc de Triomphe on it for £4.99. J'adore Paris, so I just had to get it. My favourite thing about it is the stamp on the pink pages of  La Tour Eiffel. When I was heading towards the tills to pay I saw a packet of 10 Bic coloured pens which were on sale at £2.45 (they're usually nearly £5). I bought them because I needed something to write with and these colours are a lot prettier than boring old black pens.

In my June favourites I mentioned that I have dry skin. I found the Garnier Moisture and Nourish moisturiser in Boots for £1.50. Yes, you read that right. £1.50! I've never tried the Garnier moisturiser before, but hopefully it works for my skin. 

Also in boots I bought these Eylure false eyelashes. I've never worn false eyelashes before and I want to wear them for nights out with my friends or special events. My eyelashes are really tiny (seriously, they're miniscule) and it'd be nice to have longer lashes for once. These were £5.29. 

Lastly, I stopped in at Lush. Can a shop smell more amazing than Lush? It was actually my first time in Lush. I've had the Butter Bear bath bomb and snow fairy shower gel before because I got them as gifts from my friend, but I was excited to go myself and pick up a few things. I ended up getting two bath bombs: the Avobath bath bomb and the Twilight bath bomb. I have heard good reviews about the twilight bath bomb and apparently it makes your bath look really pretty. According to the Lush website, the lavender in the bath bomb helps you to relax and aid sleep. When I bought the Avobath bath bomb I knew absolutely nothing about it apart from that it smelt amazing. It has a really strong smell of lemon which smells really fresh and is one of my favourite scents. While the twilight bath bomb is supposed to help you sleep, the lemongrass and bergamont oil in the avobath bath bomb are supposed to help you feel awake and refreshed in the mornings. It contains avocado and olive oil to tackle dryness as well! I can't wait to run myself a couple of nice hot baths and try these out. 

And that's all that I've bought recently. Phew! This is definitely the longest post I've ever written. Thank you for reading if you made it this far!

Sarah-Michelle x



  1. You got so many lovely items! My favourites have to be the shorts and the boots, so nice! I really want to try out the Twilight bath bomb so please let us know if you like it!x

    1. Thank you!:) I'm hopefully going to do a separate post about the bath bombs after I've tried them! X


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