Sunday, 30 August 2015

Belsonic 2015

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that on August 26th I went to Belsonic, as I may have mentioned it once or twice...

On the 26th, I hopped on a bus with some of my friends and we made our way to Belfast. We started queuing at half past 4, even though the doors didn't open until 6 because we wanted to be near the front, but by that time the queue was already very long! 

We figured that we couldn't stand - well, sit - in a line for an hour and a half without any food, so a couple of my friends and I planned to go to subway leaving the rest to keep our spot in the line. However, instead we ended up walking back with a 24 inch pizza, which I'm pretty sure almost everyone we passed gawked at!

After eating our rather large pizza, the line finally began to move and we were in! 

First on stage was the support act (Bri)Bry, an Irish singer/youtuber, who I'm sure some of you have probably heard of. He sang 6 of his most well known songs, such as his song 'adventure time' (which I now love). I had never heard any of his music before, but I really enjoyed listening to him, and in no time I was singing and dancing along to his songs! The rain poured down on us during most of his performance, but that didn't dampen our mood; if anything it added to the experience and we rocked our bright red plastic ponchos. My highlight whilst watching Bry had to be him asking, "is that a condom?" while he was in the middle of singing one of his songs, as a blown up condom flew past his head. Stay classy Belfast. 

Then it was time for Twenty One Pilots who appeared on stage wearing masks. I've only recently started listening to TØP upon my friend's suggestion, but I was excited to see them perform live. They sang 'Holding On To You', 'Car Radio', 'Tear in my Heart' and a few others that I, admittedly, didn't recognise (maybe because they rap so fast?). They did a few back flips and Josh played the drums in the middle of the crowd which was extremely cool. They also tried to get us to partner up so that one of us could lift the other onto our shoulder; it ended up myself and two of my friends trying to lift our other friend. Keyword: trying. Thankfully the rain had subsided sometime during Twenty One Pilots' set and I was finally able to get some more pictures and videos in without destroying my phone! 

And last, but most certainly not least, All Time Low performed. I was looking forward to seeing ATL the most as they're my favourite band, and they did not disappoint! They sang some of my favourite songs off their new album, Future Hearts, including 'Missing You', 'Runaways' and 'Tidal Waves'. They also sang some of their older songs such as 'Weightless', 'Time-Bomb' and 'Therapy' and had the entire crowd singing, dancing and going crazy to every single one. There was an attempted song about Zack's butt, a joke about Alex's mum (thanks to Jack, obviously) and a lot of "Cher-ing" the love as well. At one point Jack also put on a bright yellow coat owned by one of the girls who was invited on stage, and later one of the many bras from his microphone stand, and proceeded to dance. It was hilarious. 

I had such an amazing time at Belsonic with my friends watching three amazing artists perform. We also ended up talking to some people who we knew briefly/ didn't know at all about the artists. What better way to meet new people than bonding over your shared love of good music? 

Have you ever seen Bry, TØP or ATL perform live? Or have you been to any festivals this year and discovered a new artist? 

Thanks for reading!

Sarah-Michelle x 


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