Monday, 3 August 2015

Music Monday | Top 5 Songs of the Week - 03/08/15

1. Drag Me Down - One Direction
"All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me."
If you haven't heard this song yet, have you been living under a rock? It has been all over twitter, tumblr and just about every other social media after 1D pulled a Beyoncé and dropped it out of the blue, jumping straight to number 1. I'm not a huge fan of One Direction, but I really like this song. It's completely different to the songs they've released before and I'm interested to hear their new album when it comes out.

2. Waiting For Love - Avicii
"If there's love in this life we're unstoppable, no we can't be defeated."
This song has been stuck in my head for the past week and I constantly find myself singing it; it's such a catchy tune! I don't listen to a lot of dance music because I like singing along to songs and a lot of dance music doesn't have lyrics, but with Avicii you can dance and sing along. 

3. Good For You - Selena Gomez

"Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight, do my hair up real, real nice and syncopate my skin to your heart beating."
This is one of those songs that I didn't like when I first heard it, but then grew on me (that happens to me a lot). Like 1D, Selena's sound has matured and is a bit edgier. This is probaby one of my most-played songs this week and I'm really loving it. 

4. Bailando (Spanish Version) - Enrique Iglesias
"Yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo, bailar contigo, tener contigo una noche loca, y besar tu boca."
This is an oldie but a goodie! The Spanish version of this song is so much better than the English in my opinion. It's a really summery song and whenever I hear it I want to, well, bailar...

5. Wildest Dreams  - Taylor Swift
"He's so tall and handsome as hell, he's so bad but he does it so well."
This is one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs off 1989 and I've been listening to it a lot recently. Unfortunately, the original version is neither on YouTube nor Spotify (where I tend to listen to music most of the time), but I think the Madilyn Bailey's cover is really good and I love it played on the piano - I might even have to learn to play it on the piano myself!

What songs have you been loving this week? Also, any thoughts on the video for SKH by 5SOS?

Sarah-Michelle x



  1. I have also been loving Drag Me Down, I am quite a big fan of One Direction so I've had it on a constant loop! I really like the video for She's Kinda Hot also! Great song choices x

    1. I've had it on loop as well to be honest, it's a great song! Thanks :) x


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