Sunday, 22 November 2015

Beauty Haul!

Recently I've been on a bit of a spending spree and have bought myself a few new makeup items!

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick
This is the first Mac product that I've ever owned. I've wanted to try some of their makeup for a while now and have heard a lot of good things about their lipsticks. I find that red lipstick is always very hit or miss for me; some can make me look very washed out. However, I think that this lipstick is the perfect red for me!

Mac Cherry Lip Liner
Of course I also had to get a lip liner to wear with the lipstick, and this was a colour that was recommended. 

Nars Sheer Glow In Siberia
I'm very pale and have a neutral skin tone, therefore it's very hard for me to find a foundation that isn't too dark or too orange. After reading numerous reviews online and much deliberation, I decided to splash out and buy myself this foundation, which is a perfect match for my skin tone!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Another makeup item that I've been wanting for a while and finally bought when I was in Poland. I love this mascara so much and I featured it in my October favourites post. 

The Naked Palette
I didn't buy this myself, but actually got it for my birthday from my friends. I've wanted this for ages and they had to put me off buying it a few times before my birthday, but I didn't suspect a thing! I love the Naked palette and I'm so grateful to my lovely friends for it!

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think of them? 

Sarah-Michelle x 


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Caoimhe for nominating me for this award! You should definitely check out her blog; it's a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog that I love reading!

The rules for this award are:

1. Post a link back to the blogger who nominated you. 
2. Answer the 10 questions that the person who nominated gave you.
3. Nominate 10 bloggers (or blogs).
4. Give your nominees a set of 10 new questions for them to answer.
5. Also don't forget to include the Liebster award sticker in your post.

Caoimhe's questions:

1. What is your favourite animal?
I love so many animals and it's hard to choose just one favourite, so my top 5  favourite animals are dogs, giraffes, elephants, meerkats and monkeys!

2. What is your favourite place that you have visited?
I think my favourite place that I've visited is Paris. I went about 5 years ago with my school. It's a gorgeous city and I had a great time there. I'll never forget it!

3. What is your favourite song at the minute?
Aaah! There are so many good songs at the moment, but it would probably be Wake Up by The Vamps. They're one of my favourite bands and I can't wait for their new album and to see them again in March!

4. Who is your celebrity crush?
Luke Hemmings. Without a doubt. He is gorgeous. 

5. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I love writing and also interacting with people who read my blog. I get so excited when I see that someone has left me a comment, so don't be afraid to leave me one! :)

6. Do you have any bad habits?
I do. This sounds really gross, but I crack my knuckles.

7. What do you like to do to relax?
I like to listen to music to relax. Earphones in, world out.

8. What is your favourite smell?
Oooh, I love the smell of cinnamon! It reminds me of Christmas.

9. What is your favourite social networking site?
I really like using Tumblr, and you can find me on it here :)

10. Have you ever met a celebrity? If not, who would you like to meet?
I haven't! But if I were to meet a celebrity I'd like to meet The Vamps (do they count as a celebrity?) because they seem like they'd be really down to earth and fun to talk to. Also, as I mentioned before, I kinda love them.

I nominate:

My questions to you:

1. What is your favourite season?
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
3. What is your favourite quote?
4. If you could time-travel to the past, what year would you travel to?
5. What one object would you save from your house in a fire, assuming anything alive is already safe?
6. Do you have any phobias?
7. What is your favourite book?
8. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
9. Do you have any hobbies (besides blogging)?
10. Where would you like to travel to in the future?

Thanks again to Caoimhe for nominating me and I can't wait to read my nominees answers! 

Sarah-Michelle x

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

October Favourites

It's that time again. November has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner! Here are my October favourites!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I had wanted this mascara for a while, so when I was in Poland I decided to buy it. I've used it everyday since getting it and I really love it! My lashes are noticeably longer and more curled. I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out!

Marble Print Skirt

For my birthday my mum and dad got me a skirt and top to wear on a night out. Unfortunately, the skirt that they bought me was too big and there were no smaller sizes. However, it did mean that instead I got this gorgeous skirt from a little boutique in my town. I don't usually wear bodycon skirts because I'm pretty self-conscious about my hips, but this is so flattering! The pattern is really unusual and gorgeous and it's easy to wear with a black top and black heels. 

Scream Queens

I've only watched two episodes of this so far after hearing about it everywhere online, but I'm hooked! It's really dramatic and mysterious with a bit of humour as well. It's also quite gory though, which I was shocked by because I didn't think it would be so graphic. 

Milk Bottles and Paper Straws

Another thing that I got for my birthday from my parents and that I loved were these milk bottles and paper straws. I see these on pinterest all the time and think that they're so cute, so now I get to use them myself and be all pinterest-y!

What were you loving throughout October?

Sarah-Michelle x


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Roundup!

October has probably been one of the busiest months for me this year (so far). Pretty much every week there was something happening! 

As you might know from my previous post I was in Kraków for 4 days. I went as part of a school trip and had a really great time with my friends! You can read all about it here.

This month there were a few birthdays, one of them being my own 18th birthday! I was completely surprised on the Friday night after my birthday when I got home from shopping with my sister to find all of my friends up stairs! I was so shocked that all I could say was 'oh my god' over and over again. I had originally planned to curl up on the sofa and watch high school musical  - such a mature movie for an 18 year old, I know - but a surprise party with my friends and family with a lot of food, cocktails and a chocolate fountain was a much better way to spend the night! 

The next night I got all dressed up and went out for dinner for my birthday with my friends as I'd planned it before I knew there was going to be a party for me. They made me wear a birthday badge as well so I got sang to by a few drunken guys which was pretty funny! 

It was nice spending the weekend with my friends and family to celebrate my birthday, especially considering on my actual birthday I spent the night doing coursework! 

A week later it was my sisters 30th birthday, so my family and I just had some food, presents, and cake at the house for her. I spent the whole day searching through our massive collection of family photos trying to find the most ridiculous ones to post on her Facebook wall. Am I a good sister or what?

The night after that I was at a house party for my friends 18th birthday. As it was the night before Halloween we all decided to dress up for the occasion. I went as where's wally because, 1: I thought it was fitting saying as my last name is Wallace and it gets shortened to wally a lot; 2: I was a lot more comfortable wearing blue trousers, a striped top and converse than a dress; and 3: I already had the costume in the house so it was easy to get! I just curled my hair and added a gold smokey eye and a bit of red lipstick to make it a little bit more girly! It was a great night, even though we didn't get much sleep!

What did you do in October?

Sarah-Michelle x


Monday, 2 November 2015

The Craic In Krakow!

On Thursday the 15th of October I travelled to Dublin to catch a flight to Kraków in Poland. It was my first time going to Kraków, so I was very excited to be going there along with some of my friends! It was quite a long journey; we were travelling from 11.30am and didn't reach the hotel in Krakow until about 10 pm that night (although that includes travelling to Dublin and time hanging around the airport). 

Our first day was spent having a guided tour of the city of Kraków - on foot - visiting the palace as well as many other landmarks. The palace was very pretty and my friends and I spent a lot of time admiring it! Then we walked to Schindler's factory and had a guided tour of it. My feet were very sore by the end of it. The factory was very interesting and we learnt a lot about World War II.

After Schindler's factory, we made our way to the town square to do a little bit of shopping! In the town square there was a market with lots of different stalls, selling souvenirs, jewellery, and many other bits and bobs! I bought a few souvenirs for myself and also some pressies for my family from the market. 

It was an early night on Friday night because we had to be up and ready for 6 o'clock the next morning to travel to Auschwitz concentration camp. We had a guided tour around the concentration camp who showed us around some of the barracks which have been converted into museums. It was a shocking experience. Pictures, statistics and possessions of the camp prisoners could be seen everywhere. For me, the most shocking and unsettling part of Auschwitz were the glass cases that were filled with just a portion of the shoes, suitcases and human hair of the millions of innocent people who were killed at the concentration camp. Our tour guide also showed us around one of the barracks that is still in its original state. 

Our guide then gave us a tour of Birkenau. The sheer size of Birkenau was one of the most shocking things about the camp. One thing that we found incredible was the fact that although Birkenau is a massive piece of open land surrounded by many trees there was so sign of any wildlife; you couldn't even hear any birds singing. My friends and I said it's as if they knew something horrible happened at the site. 

Although Auschwitz was a very emotional, unsettling place, I would recommend that you visit it if you ever find yourself in Poland. It's an extremely eyeopening experience that truly shows the extent of such a horrific historical event. 

After Auschwitz, we needed something a bit more easy going, so it was time for some retail therapy. The shopping mall was huge! It had so many shops, but unfortunately we didn't have time to go to them all. We did, however, make time to go to Sephora as there are no Sephora shops in the UK. There were so many lovely makeup items that I wanted to buy, but I settled for only buying the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which I've wanted for AGES! I also went to a little accessory shop where I bought a cute little gold necklace with a feather charm.

Later that night we headed back to the town square for our last night in the city. We went to a restaurant for some traditional Polish food (which was really yummy!) and some traditional Polish entertainment. We were treated to some traditional Polish songs and dances, they even pulled some people up to dance with them, including a few of my friends, which was quite funny. Then we wandered around the square for a little bit, taking some pictures of it lit up at night.

Our last day in Kraków was spent at the salt mines. It was really interesting to see and to hear about. There were some amazing statues made entirely from the salt rock. Inside the salt mine there's even a Chapel that people attend and some even get married in the salt mines! After a quick stop at the souvenir shop, we once again headed back to the shopping mall to get in some last minute shopping before our flight.

I had an incredible time in Kraków and it was such a beautiful city! I would definitely recommend going to Kraków if you've never been before!

Sarah-Michelle x

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