Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Roundup!

October has probably been one of the busiest months for me this year (so far). Pretty much every week there was something happening! 

As you might know from my previous post I was in Kraków for 4 days. I went as part of a school trip and had a really great time with my friends! You can read all about it here.

This month there were a few birthdays, one of them being my own 18th birthday! I was completely surprised on the Friday night after my birthday when I got home from shopping with my sister to find all of my friends up stairs! I was so shocked that all I could say was 'oh my god' over and over again. I had originally planned to curl up on the sofa and watch high school musical  - such a mature movie for an 18 year old, I know - but a surprise party with my friends and family with a lot of food, cocktails and a chocolate fountain was a much better way to spend the night! 

The next night I got all dressed up and went out for dinner for my birthday with my friends as I'd planned it before I knew there was going to be a party for me. They made me wear a birthday badge as well so I got sang to by a few drunken guys which was pretty funny! 

It was nice spending the weekend with my friends and family to celebrate my birthday, especially considering on my actual birthday I spent the night doing coursework! 

A week later it was my sisters 30th birthday, so my family and I just had some food, presents, and cake at the house for her. I spent the whole day searching through our massive collection of family photos trying to find the most ridiculous ones to post on her Facebook wall. Am I a good sister or what?

The night after that I was at a house party for my friends 18th birthday. As it was the night before Halloween we all decided to dress up for the occasion. I went as where's wally because, 1: I thought it was fitting saying as my last name is Wallace and it gets shortened to wally a lot; 2: I was a lot more comfortable wearing blue trousers, a striped top and converse than a dress; and 3: I already had the costume in the house so it was easy to get! I just curled my hair and added a gold smokey eye and a bit of red lipstick to make it a little bit more girly! It was a great night, even though we didn't get much sleep!

What did you do in October?

Sarah-Michelle x


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