Sunday, 20 March 2016

Things I love About Spring

It's officially the first day of spring and it has definitely been feeling like spring lately; the sun has been shining and it's been warmer. I absolutely love springtime and here are some of the reasons why!

Days Begin to Get Longer
Don't you just love it when it's 7 o'clock and the sun is only beginning to set? 

It Starts to Get Warmer
Of course, it's not exactly shorts weather (when is it ever really in the UK?), but you can ditch a few of the extra winter layers. 

Flowers Like Daffodils and Tulips Grow
Tulips and daffodils are some of the prettiest flowers and as soon as they start to appear in the garden you know that spring has well and truly sprung!

Pastel Colours
I love pastel colours and spring is the perfect time to re-add them to my wardrobe. 

Easter Eggs
Loads of chocolate. What more needs to be said? 

Spending More Time Outside
Long walks in the forest, playing with my dog Lola, taking photographs of my surroundings.

Better Lighting to Take Blog Photographs
No more taking photos in bulk on one random sunny day, there's plenty now to get the perfect lighting!

Seeing Baby Animals in Fields
I love seeing little lambs and calves in the fields at springtime, they're so adorable!

Summer is Coming!

What do you love about spring?

Sarah-Michelle x



  1. Lovely photos! For me in NZ it's currently a transition from summer to autumn so a little bit different haha! :)


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