Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Me Before You | Book Review

me before you

It's been a while since I've written a book review here on my blog because, honestly, it's been a while since I've read a book. However, I don't think I could've picked a better book to break my reading slump - I was hooked from the very beginning! 

I had heard my friends talk about this book a lot (and by talking I mean all-caps-in-the-group-chat talking) and with the film adaptation hitting the big screen in a few weeks, I knew I had to read it. 

Without giving too much away, the story follows Lou Clarke as she cares for Will Traynor, a wealthy young man who seemed to have the perfect life, before it was ripped out from underneath him after a tragic motorcycle accident and he was left a quadriplegic. Before Lou, Will barely left his house and was distant from just about everyone. But as the story progresses over a six month period, Lou tries to give him a new lease of life through their various outings (which Will definitely would not have agreed to before Lou) and the time they share together. 

me before you

Will and Lou are the sort of characters that you fall in love with instantaneously and that you're routing for from the very beginning. They're the sort of characters that will always have a special place in your heart long after you've read the book. 

For me, 'Me Before You' is one of those books that you can't put down; one more page turns into one more chapter, and then 2 more, and then suddenly it's 4am and you realise you should probably go to bed. Seriously, it was so good that I read it in a day!! It has a bit of everything; romance, humour, heartbreak. I laughed, I smiled and I cried all within the space of a few chapters. It's definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.  And just a warning: I cried for the last hundred or so pages! 

I would highly recommend this book to you! However, it does contain the mention of a sensitive and extremely controversial topic which may be a little heavy for some...but I feel that Moyes deals with the topic very delicately in her beautifully written story. It's definitely a book that gives you something to think about afterwards.

Now to wait for the movie to come out and prepare to cry some more!

Have you read this book? Do you plan on reading it?

Sarah-Michelle x 



  1. I've seen the trailer for this and ever since been dying to read it. If it's as promising as everyone says I must get my hands on it soon <3

    Kinga | Miss Glamorous Sweatpants

    1. It's amazing! I'd definitely recommend reading it before seeing the film :) x


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