Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Currently Watching on Netflix

We all love winding down and watching a few episodes of a TV show (or let's be real, binge watching the entire thing at once) on Netflix, right? Here's what I've been enjoying recently on Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars
Of course I've been watching this! I love PLL and I definitely think that this season is a lot better than the last. I love the mystery and, of course, seeing my favourite couples in the show (haleb). Also, can we talk about the mid-season finale? It was so good!

I started watching this a few weeks ago and was immediately gripped by it. I had watched the Mortal Instruments film and was really disappointed with it, but Shadowhunters is so much better! I really like all of the actors in the show, especially Matthew Daddario who plays Alec Lightwood; he's a great actor (he's also extremely gorgeous!).

Gilmore Girls
I remember watching some episodes of this with my older sister whenever I was younger and when I saw it on Netflix, I decided to watch it. It's funny, relatable and everything a sitcom from the early 2000s is really! I also really love that Melissa McCarthy is in it as she's one of my favourite actresses.

Who doesn't love a good teen drama? Well, possibly quite a few people actually, but personally I love them. This is another show that I remember watching some of the later episodes of with my other sister and I remember 13 year old me thinking that Matt Lanter was really hot hahah (18 year old me still agrees). I find it so weird that I'm now watching TV shows that my sisters used to watch when they were my age, but I really enjoy watching them. 

Are there any TV shows on Netflix that you would recommend?

Sarah-Michelle x


Thursday, 18 August 2016


This morning, like most people my age, I sat in anticipation as I awaited on the exam board website to go live at 7am, so that I could find out my results. When a text came through into the group chat saying that the website had updated early, my stomach dropped and I didn't want to see my results at all. After a few minutes of contemplation and a rush of adrenaline, I clicked log in and my results appeared in front of my eyes.

Expecting the worst as I usually do, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw all of my AS and A2 results on the screen in front of me. I actually couldn't have been happier to be honest! I received two Bs and a C overall (although annoyingly I was only one mark off an A in English Lit) and I'm ecstatic! I would've been happy enough just passing all of my exams.

Then, another waiting game began. I had another hour before UCAS updated. Fortunately, UCAS also updated earlier than they stated on the website, and so a lot more confidently than I had logged in to see my results, I logged into UCAS to see that I had been accepted onto my firm choice course.

I'm very pleased to say that come September I will officially be a Media student.

I can't wait to see what the future holds now, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't apprehensive. I'm quite nervous about starting a new course, making new friends, and of course, living with entirely new people. But that's life, right?

If you received your A Level results today, I hope you got the results that you wanted, and if you didn't, it isn't the end of the world. Also, good luck if you're getting your GCSE results next week!

Sarah-Michelle x 


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Clothing Haul! (Asos, Primark & More)

I've been shopping quite a bit recently. It's way too easy to find yourself scrolling through Asos (or any online shop) at 2am, adding things to your basket and hitting check out, all while making your bank account hate you. I've been loving the 90s trend recently, so there's a little bit of a theme with some of the items I've purchased...

 New Look Dungarees £25.99 
I've been debating whether or not to buy a pair of dungarees for a while now, so when they were on sale on Asos for £21.99 I bit the bullet and bought them. These fit really well all over and I've been wearing them a lot recently.

Asos Choker - £6
I didn't know whether I liked the whole choker trend when it first started but now I'm actually loving it. I'm not a huge fan of the plastic stretchy ones that you used to get free in magazines (you know the ones I mean) or the insanely thick ones, but I find these thin rope ones with little gems on them really cute and a bit more subtle. I tend to wear this with my dungarees or mom jeans.

I bought this cropped striped t-shirt to wear underneath the dungarees and I think it looks really nice underneath them. It's quite a thin material, so it's good for the warmer weather. I've also been wearing it with mom jeans and I feel so 90s every time I wear it haha.

I saw this top online and thought it was really cute with the crochet detail along the bottom, and I'm really into stripes at the moment. As it was only a fiver I thought, why not? It's really light and floaty, so it's perfect for the warmer weather.

I had been looking at mom jeans online for a while, but was worried about purchasing them in case they were extremely baggy, like some of them can seem. I was so happy to discover these slim fit ones on Asos though! These fit really nicely and they're so comfortable! I think I'm going to have to buy more mom jeans now.

When I was about 3 or 4 the only shoes I would wear would be jelly shoes. I loved them so much and I'm pretty sure I had them in every colour - including pink, sparkly Barbie ones (every little girls dream back in the day). As an 18 year old who has too many responsibilities coming her way, I decided to relive my childhood and purchase these. I was a little apprehensive that these would cut my feet, but these are actually really comfortable. They're sparkly as well which is always a plus. I don't even care that I look like a 4 year old when I wear them.

As soon as I saw this on the website I added it to my basket. What's not to love? Crochet? Check. Floaty? Check. Halter neck? Check. I've been wearing this so much with blue jeans (particularly the mom jeans) and I'm loving it. I find the halter neck to be very flattering on me, and I really like the crochet detail at the top. 

H&M Denim Jacket - £19.99
I'm one of those people who owns barely any jackets. I had been looking for a denim jacket for a while that was nice, but also not too expensive. Then, I found this one in H&M. It's a light denim colour, it fits really well AND it has copper buttons!

Primark Denim Button Down Skirt £8
I really didn't want to splash £30 on a skirt from Topshop, so when I saw lots of Primark hauls on Youtube with this skirt (which is pretty much the same as the one from Topshop) I knew I had to get it. And it was only £8! How much of a bargain is that? 

Primark Cat-Eye Sunglasses - £2
I didn't own any sunglasses until about 2 weeks ago when I bought these (I always stole my sisters). I really like the cat-eye shape of these as it's really flattering on my face and I'm all about the tortoise shell sunglasses. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to wear them yet though as the sun has disappeared. *sad face*

Primark Vest Top £2.50
You can never have too many Primark vest tops. They're perfect for layering underneath jumpers, wearing by themselves on a hot day, lounging about the house in. Rarely a day passes when I'm not wearing a Primark vest top. They're so affordable and I never leave Primark without buying at least one. I didn't take a picture of this as a plain vest top's not very exciting haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Sarah-Michelle x 


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Selection Series | Book Review

Saying as today is #NationalBookLoversDay, it only felt right to write a book review. But in today's post, I'm going to be reviewing not one, not two, but three books! 

I started reading the first book in The Selection series, simply titled 'The Selection', on Thursday evening and on Saturday evening I finished reading the third book, 'The One'. After reading them I wanted to talk to someone about them so much, so I thought I'd talk to you about them here on my blog!

The Selection series is full of royalty, romance and rebellion - what more could you ask for in a book series? As a lover of all things romantic and royal, I was immediately drawn to these books when I saw them online and had to pick them up. Okay, the pretty covers may have also swayed me a little...

The books are centred around 'The Selection', a competition in which girls in the fictional country of IllĂ©a apply to compete against each other to win the heart of Prince Maxon. Although this is the main focus of the novel, it also focuses on the political unrest of the country as it is divided into Castes which are basically social classes. 

The protagonist, America Singer, was a character that annoyed me a bit. Actually, 'a bit' is an understatement. At one point in the first novel I had to set the book down because she had annoyed me so much. I also found myself scoffing and voicing my exasperation at her character multiple times throughout all of the novels because of some of her decisions (or rather lack of). I don't think a main character has ever annoyed me so much. Despite this, I couldn't seem to put it down! I wanted to see if and how she would get herself out of situations that she had caused because of her stupidity. She was quite entertaining at times as well, some of her antics making me laugh out loud. 

Prince Maxon was a character that I instantly fell in love with. *sighs dreamily* I say that about most lead male characters in books though... Do authors have to make them all so perfect?! Basically everything he said and did in all of the novels was incredibly cute and I found myself 'aww-ing' a few times. The other main male character, Aspen, I didn't like quite as much (you'll understand why if you read the books). I was honestly convinced for most of the series that he was a bad guy, not because he had done anything in particular, but I think it was so I had a reason to dislike him as much as I did haha!

All three books in the series are very easy reads and are perfect light reads for the summer. The story was very captivating and I couldn't put the books down! They're perhaps not to everyone's taste as they are quite romantic, but personally I love a good romance novel. 

Have you read 'The Selection' series?

Sarah-Michelle x 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

OOTN: Boutique of Molly Playsuit

I ordered this playsuit from Boutique of Molly as it was really pretty, it seemed like a nice length (not too long and not too short) and it was dressy enough for a night out.

Personally, I think playsuits can be very hit or miss; I've tried a few on previously and they were either too long, too short, or too big at the top. However, as soon as the little pink parcel arrived in the post and I tried the playsuit on, I fell in love with it. It's the perfect length for me and fits really nicely all over. It's very flattering  in comparison to some other playsuits as there's a little bit more structure to it due to the pleated waist.

The crochet at the neckline, along with the keyhole cutout in the back make it look really pretty and cute. It also has pockets - pockets! - basically every girls dream when it comes to clothing. My mum and my sister loved the playsuit and I received so many compliments on it from random girls while I was out.

I paired the playsuit with some white strappy sandals and a white clutch bag, both from New Look.

You can find the playsuit here, or you can browse the Boutique of Molly website and see more of their gorgeous clothes here. If you buy anything from the Boutique of Molly website, don't forget to tag your #BOMSelfie on Twitter and Instagram!

Sarah-Michelle x 

*This is a collaboration with Boutique of Molly

Monday, 1 August 2016

Music Monday | Top 5 Songs of July

Music Monday is back! I've decided to start writing each month, rather than each week like I used to, about the songs that I've been loving. These are one of my favourite posts to write and I hope you enjoy reading the as much as I enjoy writing them!

Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes 
I've been loving Shawn Mendes recently, particularly his latest single 'Treat You Better'. I think I might prefer this song to 'Stitches' (that may be because stitches is a bit overplayed now though). The lyrics are a little cliche, but I love the melody and Shawn's voice. 

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
As always, Twenty One Pilots have released another great, catchy song with deep lyrics. The thing I love about this song is that it's so original - there's nothing like it out at the moment. In fact, all of Twenty One Pilots' music is very original. 

Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
I loved the original song when it was released by Robyn and I have been loving this version as well! I love how Calum's version is accompanied by the piano giving it a softer, more emotional tone. I think his voice incredible as well!

Girls Talk Boys - 5 Seconds of Summer
5SOS never disappoint when it comes to catchy songs that you can sing along to at the top of your voice. I can guarantee from previous experience that after listening to it, the riff will be stuck in your head all day! In my opinion, it's nothing like any of their previous singles and I'm loving it. 

Tears - Clean Bandit ft. Louisa Johnson
Louisa Johnson has such a strong and powerful voice which I think is one of the things that makes me like this song so much, along with the very upbeat tempo of the song which makes me want to dance around to it!

What songs have you been loving recently? 

Sarah-Michelle x 

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