Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Currently Watching on Netflix

We all love winding down and watching a few episodes of a TV show (or let's be real, binge watching the entire thing at once) on Netflix, right? Here's what I've been enjoying recently on Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars
Of course I've been watching this! I love PLL and I definitely think that this season is a lot better than the last. I love the mystery and, of course, seeing my favourite couples in the show (haleb). Also, can we talk about the mid-season finale? It was so good!

I started watching this a few weeks ago and was immediately gripped by it. I had watched the Mortal Instruments film and was really disappointed with it, but Shadowhunters is so much better! I really like all of the actors in the show, especially Matthew Daddario who plays Alec Lightwood; he's a great actor (he's also extremely gorgeous!).

Gilmore Girls
I remember watching some episodes of this with my older sister whenever I was younger and when I saw it on Netflix, I decided to watch it. It's funny, relatable and everything a sitcom from the early 2000s is really! I also really love that Melissa McCarthy is in it as she's one of my favourite actresses.

Who doesn't love a good teen drama? Well, possibly quite a few people actually, but personally I love them. This is another show that I remember watching some of the later episodes of with my other sister and I remember 13 year old me thinking that Matt Lanter was really hot hahah (18 year old me still agrees). I find it so weird that I'm now watching TV shows that my sisters used to watch when they were my age, but I really enjoy watching them. 

Are there any TV shows on Netflix that you would recommend?

Sarah-Michelle x



  1. i've watched all of these! that episode today on pretty little liars has shocked me so much!
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

    1. It was so intense! I just want the next episode now hahah x

  2. I love 90210! I gave up on PPL after the first season.

    S .x

    1. I definitely think pll gets better after the first season, seasons 3/4 are the best though! x

  3. I watch all of these other than Gilmore Girls, I'll definitely check it out see what it's like. I rewatched the 90210 series a few months back, just as good as when I first watched it haha!

    I highly recommend Stranger Things! It's so fricking good! X

    1. Stranger things is so highly recommended by so many people, I'll have to give it a watch! x

  4. I began watching the Shadowhunters series when it premiered, but only managed to watch about 4 episodes. I did like it, but I found Carly's character (in the series) to be a bit annoying. But I've been thinking on giving it a second chance!
    Some series I've been watching on Netflix are: FRIENDS, Fuller House, Sense8, Full House, and Suits.

    The Journeys of a Girl

    1. I have to agree, she is a bit annoying at times. Friends is one of my favourite TV shows! Full house and fuller house are great as well. x


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