Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day #6

Hey everyone! So, it's actually 3am on the 7th of December, but I haven't been to sleep yet so this still counts as day 6, right? I didn't get a chance to post this earlier because after coming home from a day full of lectures, I had to finish an assignment, baked some mini cheesecakes in preparation for our early Christmas at uni tomorrow (more on that to come soon!) and then we may have ended up heading to McDonalds...So all in all it's been quite a busy day haha. 

We have quite a few Christmas traditions in my family. In fact, any time someone in my family suggests doing something different, me and my sister always find ourselves repeating "but it's tradition!" I'm actually really sad this year as my sister, Claire, gets married in 2017 and so won't be at our house on Christmas Eve/ Day and won't be joining us until boxing day. I was reminiscing about all of the traditions that would change after this year and  thought I'd share some of them with you!

Christmas PJs
Although we only started to do this in the past 6 or 7 years, it has definitely become a tradition now  to open a present, obviously containing jammies, on Christmas  Eve to wear that night. I'm a big fan of this tradition because who doesn't love new pyjamas?

Creating 'The Plan' 
Ever since we were younger, me, Claire and one of my brothers, David, would all congregate in one of our bedrooms to discuss the plan for Christmas morning. Of course, there's absolutely no need for this as we pretty much follow the same routine on Christmas day every single year. Nevertheless, we still do it because "it's tradition!"

Claiming the Perfect Present Spot
Santa's gotta know who's presents to put where, right? So, we claim our spot which is always the same, but every single year my brother and sister argue about who gets their presents on the fireplace haha. When we were little we actually used to leave little 'Santa leave my presents here' notes, but we don't do this anymore.

Turkey, Ham & Stuffing Sandwiches
I think this is one of my favourite traditions. After opening our presents and before we have our dessert, we'll make sandwiches out of the dinner leftovers and they are so good. A little bit of turkey, some of mi madres honey glazed ham, stuffing and bon appetite!

Disguising Presents
We have this tradition in our house which, as far as I can remember, started way back in the day when my dad decided to wrap up a turkey leg as a joke as part of my mum's present. Now, we all wrap presents up in random boxes and bags to try and make the other person think they've got something completely ridiculous. Thanks dad haha.

What traditions do you have in your family?

Sarah-Michelle x 


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